What Size Prints for Gallery Wall: A Superlover-Approved Guide

29 September, 2023 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Dark and delicious Nanas of Anarchy Gallery wall set against a black grey wall and colour pop sensation for the eyes with a green sofa and plants


Alright, my lovely rebels, ever thought of jazzing up that boring wall of yours? Let’s talk gallery walls and print sizes for your gallery wall… and more importantly, how to pick the right size prints without making it look like a hot mess.

Introduction to Gallery Walls.

What are the best Print sizes for Gallery Walls.

What is a Gallery Wall, You Ask? Imagine a wall that tells tales, spills secrets, and screams style. That’s a gallery wall for ya! It’s like a tattoo for your home – a collection of art, memories, and a sprinkle of anarchy.

Why Size Matters (No, Not That Way!) Picking the right print size is like choosing the right leather jacket. Too big, and you’re drowning in it. Too small, and well, you get the picture. The right size? Pure magic.

Understanding Those Pesky Print Sizes

A Sizes – What the Heck Are They? From A0 to A10, A sizes are like the classic rock songs – timeless and versatile. And the best part? Your favourite rebel hub, NanasofAnarchy.com, has a killer collection of A size prints that’ll rock your walls!

24 x 32 – The Showstopper Want your wall to have that “oomph” factor? 24 x 32 is your answer. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it’s waiting for you at NanasofAnarchy.com.

What are the best sizes for your gallery wall by the nanas of anarchy.

Picking the Perfect Print Size: Superlover’s Tips

Size Up Your Wall Before splurging on prints, give that wall a good look-see. Big wall? Go wild! Tiny nook? Keep it cozy. Also keep an eye on your budget. A mix of printed and digitally downloaded prints could be kinder to your pocket. Also don’t discount those cool birthday cards and postcards. they make ace little filler pics!!

Balance is Key (And Not Just in Life) Your gallery wall should feel like a well-mixed cocktail – a bit of this, a splash of that, and a whole lot of flavour. Mix those A sizes with a US sizes, and watch the magic unfold.

What’s Your Vibe? Whether you’re a punk rock princess or a vintage vixen, let your wall scream YOU. At Superlover we have tried very hard to create a balanced mix of vintage and modern prints that gel super well together. Give our Vintage archive section a looksie, its a great place to start with an A1 or A2 to be the big guy first on your wall. Then everything else can sit around it.

Vintage archives gallery wall. The BE collection.

Top-Notch Quality We’re all about that rebel life, but when it comes to quality, we don’t mess around. Each print is a masterpiece.

Sizes Galore From A sizes to the show-stopping 24 x 32, and down, we’ve got it all. Your wall’s about to get a major upgrade.

We got gallery walls covered Our range is specifically designed so you can create a gallery wall with just our prints.. I know right. Genius!!

Conclusion Rockstars, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and give that wall the makeover it deserves. With the right print sizes and a dash of Superlover flair, you’re all set to create a gallery wall that’s the talk of the town. Ready to rock?


  1. What sizes is Superlover vibing with? A sizes and all sizes down from 24 x 32. Pure gold.
  2. Where’s the best place to snag some epic prints? Whaaaaat, need you ask, superlover.co.uk is where the party’s at… of course!! 😀
  3. How do I make my gallery wall pop? Mix sizes, pick a theme, and let your personality shine. Eclectic and full of textures!!
  4. Why are Superlover the best choice for prints? Quality, variety, and a whole lot of sass… (just sayin)
  5. Custom sizes – yay or nay? We’ve got a range of sizes, but for anything extra special, give us a shout!